A Mastermind for the highly motivated

Your new favorite place to get help to grow your business.

Welcome to the mastermind community for direct sellers – the place where ambition meets collaboration and extraordinary achievements are made possible.

Let’s embark on this remarkable journey together!

Understanding Your Ideal Team Member

This motivating and helpful mastermind fosters collaboration and growth, ensuring you’re never alone on your path to success

Get Ready to feel empowered and inspired

This new mastermind is going to become your new BIZ BFF.

It’s going to be your go-to place to get inspired to wake up early and work your business everyday like you’ve never before.

Right now is your opportunity to be a founding member which means you are going to be getting a group coaching setting at a nearly one to one setting.

Lock in your monthly price at this great price!

Be able to shape the way the group operates with your ideas.

What Is Included

Monthly Topic

Each month you will get a new course which will be directly related to business building topics.

Weekly LIVE Q&A

Each week, 4x a month, there will be a LIVE recorded Q&A session.

This is the time to get all your questions answered and learn from others.


At the beginning & end of every week there will be an opportunity to list your goals and achievements.

Be ready to get a little, loving push to do this.

Schedule For The Rest Of 2023


Setting Up Your Productivity Schedule


Get Ready For Black Friday


Christmas Selling


Help Last Minute Christmas Shoppers

During each month we will be utilizing tools such as email marketing, effective selling on your social platform, how-to schedule effective social posts, best in-home selling & recruiting practices.

You will not be limited to the monthly topics regarding the help and support you need.

If you need help in other areas of your business then the LIVE Q&A sessions will be extremely helpful to you.

Where Do I Access All Information

There will be a private, exclusive Facebook group for all who join.

Live sessions will be via Zoom and can be accessed in the private Facebook group.

Printables will be available through this course area.

When you join, this is what you get:

  • Course, printables, and Q&A sessions for the month(s) you have an active membership.
  • Access to Facebook group once you join.

What is NOT included:

  • Previous months courses, printables, and Q&A recordings.
  • If you want past months access they are available to purchase separately at a discounted price when you are an active member of Blooming Biz Divas.

Schedule for October

Oct. 10th

Tuesday 2pm mst

Welcome to Presell Black Friday course.

Oct. 17th

Tuesday 2pm mst

Step 1 & 2

Oct. 24th

Tuesday 2pm mst

Step 3
Bonus Class: How To Set Up MailerLite

Oct. 31st

Tuesday 2pm mst

Wrap Up & Plan Socials

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